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New Music: Tommy Lee – Fi Get A 4ward [Ninjaman, Kiprich Diss]

Dancehall star Tommy Lee took a few shots at veteran dancehall deejay Ninjaman, and Kiprich in a new diss track “Fi Get A 4ward.”

“Low mi mek mi make mi money no, everything a Tommy Lee, everybody want war, unnu move and low mi yaan, wa dem hate mi for, mi no know bout dat, just fi get a forward, unnu si wa dem a do just fi get a forward, live pon mi name just fi get a forward, while mi a go forward dem a go backward,” Tommy Lee deejay.

The diss track came just days after Ninjaman and Kiprich expressed their desire to clash the Sparta deejay at Sting 2012. Tommy Lee has not indicate whether or not he would engage the two in a lyrical battle.

Listen to Tommy Lee “Fi Get A 4ward” below.


  1. u nuh bad kill dem ol AWUOH.

  2. This ain’t no Ninja diss, it’s definitely a Bounty diss considering their current circumstances.

  3. Kill the rasclaat Ninja you are the real gorgon.