Vybz Kartel – Weed Smokers Lyrics

Lyrics Vybz Kartel Weed Smokers
Vybz Kartel lyrics Weed Smokers


Yow Rushawn mi want yo tel dem hi no

{Verse 1}

Dog if yo cyan buy wrisler
Yuh no fi smoke cronic
Weed naked an yo fi put close pon it
Warm up the grabber like mi a rose rabbit
Clip pon di lighter the fumes smell pon it
So mi lif up in a space fi go tour four planet
Look pon mi hand yo si the ozone pon it
Mi deh a moon an mi do up more rocket
Gaza man no support coke habit
Yo no si a weh mi deh 34 floor attic
Higher than the highway Portmore traffic
Weed meck mi treat shell the cold more graphical
Draws disappear an mi don’t know magic
If yo have the high grade meck mi nose more happy
Money wah yo meck yo waan four more panty
Weed so sweet treat mi throat like tally
An di grabber hot shotter than a four four matic


In a mi head now
High grade buss in a mi head now
Sclif bigger than a pillow in a bed yow
The hot grabber stink like dead dog
Mi mi get a red card
Caw mi a tackle the weed hard
Every day mi deh go down a the weed yard
Fi the mariguana shi a mi sweet heart

{Verse 2}

Dog if yo brain cyan manage it yo no fi smoke grabber
It wi like yo head hi no supn like hammer
Just drink porridge roun a my mother
Affi get high ganger a my ladder
But yo cyan buy grades fi twenty five dollar
These bag a feet is twenty times badder
Mi want roots an mi cyan fi baba
Call road tell hookers find raga
Mi a touch pon di road every juvenile follow
Badder dan Amelia suicide bomber
Blaze up di country wa mi do wid hi stammer
So mi higher than the high school high grade grammar
Adjective pronoun full stop comma
Ma ma ma ma miriguana meck mi stamma

{Repeat Chorus}


  1. Kushing Da Gallis


  2. Who on earth sits to listen to this song and still posts the lyrics so messed up!