Tony matterhorn – One Life Lyrics

Tony matterhorn lyrics One Life
Lyrics Tony matterhorn One Life


Roun yah tun up
Onton jade listen
No body know what yo feel
Gyal dash weh roun yah
Nothing but space an opportunity
There is crime
A don’t know bout yuh

{Verse 1}

Mi feel like fi party
Gyal dem dash out tonight dem waan party
If a beach party den mi waan party
Up in a do club mi a go rub one waan party
Mi no response if mi reach 40
How dem gyal yah so tick an look hearty
Bring mi di sexy one dem wa naughty
An di fluffy dem
An di slim one dem
An lord god da browning deh cought mi
Deh gal deh body a lead if u ask mi
All inclusive party just pass mi
All di Henny
All di Remi Vodka
An seraque
Hold a oil from Iraq just floss mi
Selector tun up sound an start blast mi
Gyal dem a whine an go down so don’t mast mi
Meck mi look pon di gyal dem a party
Mi come fi party so what about yuh


One life a got to live I don’t care
I care zero no I don’t care
A party mi seh an I have no fear
Tonight mi don’t care
Gyal dem a bubble an wine mi draw near
Jump in mi car mi ready fi draw gear
Cause a party mi seh
An anyweh di music tun up loud I’ll be there
I’ll be there
I’ll be there
Don’t dot no fear
{Verse 2}

Di beach full up
Car full up
Igloo pack up
Walking lot black up
Make sure di bar have Smirnoff Appleton Vodka
An the whole thing stock up
Gyal back it up caw dem ready just fi back off
Police no bother come yah so bout yoh a lock off
Yo no sedi gyal dem ready fi go dash it out
Yo no see no man a fight r pop off
Barbecue an everyday is a cook out
Man pon enze no body naw go look out
If yuh a go take di trip to negril ATI r dreams di hotels r book out
Party mi no response fi no body
Mi seh party all when mi reach all 40
Party mi an mi shorty
An I don’t know bout yuh
Tonight mi waan party
Look pon di gal dem sexy an hearty
Look pond a browning deh how shi caught mi
Mi no know bout no body a party mi seh
So what about yuh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat First 2 Lines Of Chorus}