Spice – My Man Lyrics

Spice lyrics My Man
Lyrics Spice My Man


Meck mi call dem gyal yah


{Verse 1}

Me sure seh a my man
Me an no gyan no in a no complication
Me sure seh a my man
Me a di wife an a mi a get di diamond

Girl why yo keep calling ma phone
I being here with yo man
I being sent him home
Like please leave me an her alone
Your man want me so consider him alone

Dutty foot gyal a couldn’t me yuh a style
Hey carnivore rat look a like reptile
Yo come a gwaan like gudas an mi done dig yo cile
Yuh a big rental a nuff man a rev yo mile

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

{Verse 2}

Yuh know what I really ain’t got no time for this
Cause the last time I check home boy being with
He being in an out my house everytime di clock tick
Stop tripping girl yuh di girl that being trip
Wa do da stay bad gyal yah baby buffalo
A mi di man waan an di world done know
It come like a seh di two a yuh head slow
Stay deh gwaan wait to di alter we go

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

{Verse 3}

Bloody gal wait a minute whats really going on
Why yuh two fatty kicking up a storm
Back in the uk he bi keeping me warm
He ain’t want none a yuh yo got mi move on
For mizzy that same man yuh running after
Bet yuh never know that I have is daughter
Yuh serious mate? yuh guys are a disaster
Am over here like dying with laughter

{Repeat Chorus 2X}