Mavado – Special Kinda Gyal Lyrics

Official lyrics for Mavado single “Special Kinda Gyal,” produced by Di Genius.


Go gyal
Gyal mi want a gyal wa know how fi please mi
A gyal weh would a never leave mi


That’s why
A that’s why mi want a gyal
One special kind a gyal
A gyal wa know how fi wine up paw mi
Yea gallon bad like a carnival

{Verse 1}

Gyal wine up yo body in a the light no
Come yah gyal meck god strike yuh
Mi have the fire fi ignite yuh
To to tun it up cause mi like yuh
A good body gyal a every man dream
Yo body no fi slacky slacky fi yo happy an clean
Body no fi dotty
Body affi clean
Yo body affi meck a man walk an dream
An a seh why yo take so long to come over
Rain a fall lets go out in the rain

Baby I play yuh like a Spanish guitar
Over an over again

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

The shower on an a wet u up
U fall so deep in love a take u up
Dem bwoy hostile mi pet u up
Be ma actress a set u up
Lets go swim in the pool girl
Lets brake the rules girl
Hot like Asonya kool girl
Cause mi want a bad gyal bad gyal
Yuh affi bad fi be the gully god gyal
Bruk out pon di bed wa u have gyal
Yo fatal like a stab gyal

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}


  1. Anansa Gullyboo Flinestone

    realllll tunee gully god……… u always <3.