Lady Saw And Macka Diamond Beefing, Take Shots At Each Other

Macka Diamond draw the line, and Lady Saw says she is looking to gospel.

It was no secret that Macka Diamond was taking shots at Lady Saw in her new single “Mi Bless.” In case you need a reminder, take a peek of some of the lyrics from the single below.

Lady Saw Quitting Dancehall, “Been thinking of getting baptized”

“After mi sing mi song say mi a 40 plus, Mi see some gal pick it up, she mussi Spartacus, But lowe me and clean up yuh yard fuss, A nuh me yuh man breed so why a me yuh waan cuss, Mi bless, yes mi womb bless, A wha do some gal, Yuh nuh see dem clueless,” Macka Diamond deejay.

According to Macka Diamond, her song “40 And Fabolous” was in no way a diss towards Lady Saw, however, the dancehall queen took issue with the single.

“When me a try do good, is like dem waan draw me down,” Macka Diamond said.

After hearing the song, Lady Saw released a new single “Age Is Just A Number” which many view as a counteraction to Macka Diamond’s “40 And Fabolous.”

“Age is just a number, aint nothing wrong with 42, we aint getting younger, so what the hell is up with you, the new 40 a di new 20, unnu a gwaan like mi past century, yo know mi age, the whole a unnu hop off a mi, cuz nuff young gal dem no hot like a mi,” Lady Saw deejay.

Lady Saw denied that the single was a shot at Macka Diamond since it was recorded earlier in the year.

“I did that song in February and I did that song because they were focusing so much on my age during an ER interview. Then mi hear say Macka Diamond people dem a call the producer say she want the riddim cuz she hear say mi diss her,” Saw said.

Saw also said she and Macka Diamond are no longer friends.

“Macka and I aren’t friends, we were friends before but things happen and we aren’t friends again. I have no reason to diss her,” Lady Saw said.

Listen Macka Diamond “40 and Fabolous.”

Listen Lady Saw “Age Is Just A Number.”