Twin Of Twins – Big Tracey Ann Lyrics

Lyrics Twin Of Twins Big Tracey Ann
Twin Of Twins lyrics Big Tracey Ann


Now a hear some lickle cigarette bwoy a run off dem mouth
Seh dem run the place an the people him no doubt
No matter wah dem talk seh dem caw get wi out

{Verse 1}

Seh him a big Tracy Ann
The Bwoy Matarron is a disgrace to man
Him no badda than a slippers or a shoes lace to man
Come back an a trace like a big waste woman


But yuh no badda dan no body way uh sing bout
Yuh only want something fi go a sting bout
Mi see yo pop the scales an the fins out
Hey no bay man that yuh come a think bout

{Verse 2}

If yo heart clean conscience shouldn’t bother yuh
Yo a call people demon an yuh have man a dagger yuh
An wi no lie mine wi affi spragga yuh
Yuh Helton John an dirty Rick jagga yuh
Wi caw find no sense in a nothing wa yuh seh
How choke fi match wine man yuh sick in yo head
If conscience wan choke den no him wan dead
So how yo mine reach in a conscience bed

Your introduction to music was a prank
A could a dozen obia man mi know yuh still a get vank
Yo life naw go safe all if yuh live a Scotia bank
Step out again an meck mi broke yo fish tank

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

The twins dem a fight musical enslavement
The style leave earth an gone under pavement
Yuh just a call name wi a dweet from accent
Wi a the owner fi the style copy right an payted
Seh yuh win then yo run weh then yuh come a meck statement
Him him hear clappers buss him turn Bellview
Imagine if him hear bacam him would a turn fool an swear seh a jah come
Same time as ma come talk bout Ninjaman like yuh think yo savior come
When man deh a road a split head like Authom
Ninjaman deh a jail a hide phone in a battom

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Verse 4}

A mi seh hear mi no doops
An hear mi no doops
An hear mi nw star

Hear mi no doops
An hear mi no doops
An listen mi no star
Mi seh no weak heart naw go meck it in a war
Yuh know seh man a gleaner when some pu–y dem a star
No lef it in a car man a we an it a spar
No look fi cut
No look fi chop
No look fi no scar
All yuh see dem a talk
An see dem a gwan dem know who we are