I-Octane – Sad Days Again Lyrics

I Octane lyrics Sad days again
Lyrics I Octane Sad days again


Yeh Hoow
Wooh ooh o how
Ohwa ohwa

{Verse 1}

Link mi friend pon di corner an di phone go to voice mail
Him death meck mi cry tears
I swear yes di day was right here
Mi a reminisce him usto deh yah wid wi
Our brother go through di weather wid wi
Run boat kick ladder wid wi
Usto spend him tredda wid wi


Ohooh sad days again
Sad days again
Hooy lose one a mi closest friend
Wooy sad days again
Sad days again
Wooy seem like di world just end

{Verse 2}

Am so scared mi no waan go out
Mi no waan go road
No more eye water no lef because mi cry dem out
Ooh Tell yuh pain in a my belly anytime mi reminisce throught my meddy
Yes the burden wa mi carry heavy
Mi brother blood vampire shed hi
Ooh yea

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Yes guess the hands of time caw turn back
Mi friends dem real confirm that
Todat dem deh yah tomorrow dem gone better learn that
Yea wi plan fi canker the world
But now him under dirth
What a way disaster work
Can mi naw turnt
Sad days again
Sad days again
Sad days again
Sad days again

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1 from the phone go to voice mail}

{Repeat Chorus}