I-Octane – Fly Over Bad Mine People Lyrics

Lyrics I-Octane Fly Over Bad Mine People
I-Octane lyrics Fly Over Bad Mine People


Dem a sprinkle powder from long time
But wi no fraid a obia from long time
Mi would get lick over from long time
But mi know jah long time


Cash flow seh wi fly over bad mine people
Look wa bad mine lead to now
Yea when yuh friend deceive yuh

Hear mi no Neal
Seh wi fly over bad mine people
Dem no memba wa we do believe no
Dem a send dogs fi eat yuh

{Verse 1}

Please please mi abeg yuh please
Bad company mi a beg yuh leave
Mi a tell yuh dogs deh yah wid hi fleas
Rat deh yah fi the cheese

Yes dem greave an envy us
Mi a tell yuh how jeas how friend vicious
Wash dem out the jeans a the twenty shirt
Food fi the empty gut now my head fi buss
That’s why

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Marcus tell dutty people no mingle
Yuh no seet seh a evil dem in to
Dem wan yo gal leave fi yuh single
Yuh no see a same pree from the intro

Yeh mm yuh no see seh nothing naw change yeh
Hear how dutty heart trace yeh
Yuh body dem wi put yuh in a grave
When mi a warn yo yuh mustn’t hide ears

{Repeat Chorus}

{Rpeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

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