Lyrics: Wayne Wonder Ft. CNA & Lexxus – Anything Goes

Wayne Wonder featuring CNA and Lexxus lyrics Anything Goes
Wayne Wonder feat. CNA and Lexxus Anything Goes lyrics

[Capone:] You gone too far now ni–a!

[Wayne Wonder:]
They gone too far now Nore, they gone too far now Capone ([Lexxus:] Wicked!)
They gone too far now Wayne, they gone too far now Lexx
CNN (CNN) ([N.O.R.E:] What!)

([Capone:] Yeah!)
Lexxus (Lexxus) Wayne Wonder (Wayne Wonder)
([N.O.R.E.:] Wayne Wonder what’s up?!)
For the gangsters, for the gangsters

[Verse 1: Wayne Wonder]
Anything goes when we ride (When we ride)
Even with my little shorty by my side
Gallang so nuh bag a noise (Nuh bag a noise)
Burn up I’ll pop and hit them by surprise
You better not move, when I say freeze
Because we nuh fraid fi pop off and squeeze
Bout you a bawl, and beg man fi ease
And we nuh bomb pon a fool like bees

[Chorus: Wayne Wonder]
Say you wanna take my life ([Lexxus:] Come on!) Say you wanna hurt my wife
You just a wolf in disguise right a now you never seem surprised
([N.O.R.E.:] CNN we listenin!)
Say you wanna take my life ([Lexxus:] Come on!) Say you wanna hurt my wife
You just a wolf in disguise right a now you never seem surprised

[Verse 2: CNN (Capone N N.O.R.E.) & Lexxus]
[N:] So f you sound boy
[C:] Kill a snitch boy
[N:] Kill a batty boy
[C:] In the yard
[N:] Got to play it hard like we Gotti boy
[L:] CNN soldiers
[C:] We rep till it’s over
[N:] We rep when we drunk
[C:] And we rep when we sober
[N:] (Oh!) Look at that fatty at ten
[C:] (Oh!) Lick a shot we back at it again
[N:] It’s Millitainment move over gotta move on my own
[C:] We murder them a mercenary made man Capone (Wayne Wonder)

[Repeat Chorus: Wayne Wonder]

[Verse 3: Lexxus]
Yuh waan fi bet mi money yuh fret and sweat like yuh a preacher
Any choice yuh set it’s like a jet yuh haffi leave yah
Inna di party di bwoy dem start it like dem a creature
Mi and shorty rollin hotty wah dis we achieve yah
Mi haffi pop and buss it inna dem direction
Bwoy nah stop down like pop down erection
Car a crash, brain a splash, inna di intersection
Caught dem by surprise they never know mi have extension
So tell dem

[Repeat Chorus: Wayne Wonder]

[Verse 4: CNN (Capone N N.O.R.E.)]
[C:] I need a hot girl
[N:] So I could drive in my hot car
[C:] I’m not a pop star
[N:] Take you to the Shark Bar
[C:] So we could feast love amd just skip in
[N:] You see a ni–a made a dollar out of just five cent
[C:] Now we ride through Tivoli
[N:] Slide through Kennedy
[C:] Usually we right in the club
[N:] That’s where the women be
[C:] Laid back lightin some bud
[N:] Sippin on Hennesy
[C:] Everybody drink show love
[N:] That’s where my ni–a be, OH!

[Repeat Chorus: Wayne Wonder]

[Verse 5: Lexxus]
It’s been a long time comin, hear we are
Mr. Lex and Wayne Wonder who? superstar
CNN dem got we back, yo we and dem par
We nah leff it cause we ever have it inna we car
So wah bring it, sling it if you think you have this ting
But if not mek mi do my ting
Cause Lex got di whole world clingin to di style dat I bring
Nore and Capone rap and Wayne sing
Cha ching cha ching!!!!

[Repeat Chorus: Wayne Wonder]