Lyrics: Wayne Wonder – Again

Wayne Wonder lyrics Again
Wayne Wonder Again lyrics

Oooh baby (Oooh wa wa wuy) Oh ah oh ah oh (Oooh wa wa wuy)
La da da di (Wa wa wa wuy) Oooh baby (Oooh wa wa wuy)
Oooh baby (Oooh wa wa wuy) Oh ah oooh oh (Whoa oh oh oh)
Yes! Listen!

Verse 1:
Alot of times she waited patiently by the phone
And I didn’t call to say how are you doin, or what is goin on
She told me deep inside it’s tearin up her heart
And it’s very hard for her to stay in love when her heart is torn apart

I’ll never leave you alone again (No oooh oh) baby let’s start brand new
When I touch the road again (No oooh oh) girl I’m taking you
Taking control again (No oooh oh) Because I don’t wanna lose you
Here’s my heart and soul again (No oooh oh) I’ll give it up to you (Give it up to you)

Verse 2:
Your beautiful so colorful just like a rose
Girl your even more beautiful to me when you take off all your clothes
There’s no perfect relationship they all got flaws
So don’t worry I’ll make it up, get ready cause I’m taking you out

Repeat Chorus:

Girl your the best thing could have ever happen to my life (My darlin)
So I don’t wanna make things worst
From now on I swear I will make a sacrifice (Sacrifice)
Cause I don’t wanna hurt you girl

Repeat Chorus 2X