Lyrics: QQ – Same Seed

QQ lyrics Same Seed
QQ Same Seed lyrics

Exodus twenty
Rememba di sabbath day
By keepin it holy
Im the lord god brought out of di house of bondage
Thou shall not have any god before me

Same seed that you sow
It no fah unno a go reap back
Tell people lie fi joke
Unno think we are idiot
Politician gwaan dem nuh know
Seh a di truth dat
Come mi come fi burn burn dem down

Verse 1:
You teach if you why neva teach fi love
Teaching bout hatred teachin fi grudge
Teach dem fi kill you neva teaching fi hug
Instead of build more schools
You build more thugs
Lock off di dance weh the people dem love
Fi go hear you gun fi go shootin you down
Stand up and you dress watch you blood a run
And you think it’s so fun

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 2:
Dun we doops dun we dappa
Stop promote so unwanted shotta
Youths on the corner nah nah tek no chatta
How so bwoy diss him a bear ratta ta ta
Lookin inna di road you see a next new satta
Instead teach di youths dem di right proper
Mi no waan fi see no more people a batta
This is qq come fi blaze di fiyah hotta
Sweet dung for my people that’s a we matter
How many ghetto yes get a lot
Call yourself shotta a yuh cyaan real grab
To all your murders and petty rob
Stoppin what your doin and sweet you a bitter
Rememba almighty is the only giver
So we member

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
Life is so precious
You have to cherish it
The greatest gift of all
Is the lord’s love
Yes cherish it cherish it