Lyrics: QQ – Prayer

QQ lyrics Prayer
QQ Prayer lyrics

This world need some prayer
My people need some prayer

Verse 1:
Yes we need more prayer
Fi dem mi a praises weh a get higher
That’s why the rastaman yah no stop bun di fiyah
Pon di streets you find more sellah than ???
Cah find no hear weh fi rob inna mi ??
Life is a tricky game without the ???
Love is what we need that’s my desire
A calling out the holy name di king di messiah
Oh heavenly father

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 2:
Hear mi now
Hear mi now
A pray fi the politicians dem yes de brute
Pray fi di youths dem we love shooty shoot
Pray fi di bad bite as yes and and cute
Mi a beg you jah please change their attitude
Pray di ply and di thief and di thug
Pray fi di youths dem weh dung inna di slum
Pray that this year nuh blood haffi run
A pray to see the sun wooyy

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
Hear mi now
I pray that a day
There be no more war
I pray that a day
Love will stand tall
I pray that a day
There be no more hunger
I pray that a day
There be help for the

Repeat Chorus: