Lyrics: Iyara – Bad In A Real Life

Iyara lyrics Bad In A Real Life
Iyara Bad In A Real Life lyrics


Ra ta ta ta
A ke kem kem
Yow jam 2
A wah yuh a seh
A wonder if some bwoy know wa time the thing is
Dem no know wi no go fist fight
Wi no do Kong fu
Leave that to Jet Lie, Jackie Chan and John Lou
How yuh mean
A wa happen to some man
A our world
Ra ta ta ta

{Verse 1}

Hey Jam 2
Mi no know bout a mad man face
But no gal caw sit down in a bad man face
Portland mi born an a garrison mi grow up
My garrison a bad man place
Wi no take check
No wi no take pres
Iyara no bwoy caw box nor drape
Mack buss of yo head drop a jail
Go a court an buss off the bloodcloth case


Bad in a real life a wah yuh feel llike
Yuh try diss mi mi pop off the steal pipe
An meck yuk know wa gunshot feel like
Meck yuh momma ball whole day whole night

Bad in a real life a way uh check seh
No try diss an run yuh caw get weh
Rifle bullet chop off dem instep deh
Yuh drop like da catch deh

{Verse 2}

Jam 2 mi a no just come
Long time mi a buss gun
One pop mi meck out a board was mi first gun
Whole heap a tall thing the small oox cut down
Meck bwoy chest look like fowl wa just cut down

Rifle drop clap meck dem touch ground hard
Dem drop meck couple fence buss down hard
Heart attack mama catch when shi rush down
Family weak out like yuh just fu*k done

Bullet in a bwoy like package in a custom
Head role like a bread fruit
Eyes look loke a buss plum
Lef the place loud like a two gal just curse done
Man no messtrate but the pu**y blood just run

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Ra ta ta ta
Right now mi sick in a mi head fi done a clip in a yuh head
Race out 31 and lef 1 in a di head
Mama shi a sleep an piss in a the bed
From shi hear ra ta ta ta yeh shi know somebody dead
Papa find the bar an drink till him red
Caw believe him first pickny just dead
Sister a ball an the daughter a beg
Whole family affi pack up an fled
Caw man

{Repeat Chorus}