Lyrics: Beres Hammond – Time Over You

Beres Hammond lyrics Time Over You
Beres Hammond Time Over You lyrics

Intro: My dear Rene, I might have to say
So long, so long, so long, sorry it didn’t work out

Chorus: But I won’t waste no more time over you, oh no
When with this life I got better things to do
Why should I waste precious time over you
You must see check that no needs me so you play with my heart

Verse 1: Now why would I cry if you’re leaving tomorrow
Check and see who is surprised
Why would I die if you tell me it’s over
When will you realize
Cause every man needs a woman for comfort
Nothing to mix up the brain
So if you ever ever think for a moment
That you can run this man insane

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: Tick-a Tick-a Tock and the clock is running
Now I’m gonna to make you a deal
If you’re gonna stay or tell me if you’re leaving
Make sure this time it’s for real
Cause I’m not the kind of a man to be pleading
Cause that only mess with my pride
So though deep down inside I be bleeding
Still have to push you aside

Why should I waste much time over you
No no no no no no no oooh
My dear Rene I have to say
Can’t come and go and do whatever you desire

Repeat Chorus

Repeat verse 1