Lyrics: Turbulence – Everything

Turbulence lyrics Everything
Turbulence Everything lyrics

What? Wahappen now?
I try to give you everything
Make you comfortable, financially
Alla d pretty clothes
Alla d…nice car dem
Big house big fe live inna
What more you want?
What more you need?
Is this love or is this greed?
What is it baby? Tell me
You wanna up and leave me? eee?

(Verse 1)
Now im all alone, aaaah
Sitting by my balcony
Gazing at the stars
In my head some of the good sensi
And roots from the back
Thought you’d be satisfied with the benz in the garage
And all of them fancy clothes
Many girls would kill to be in your position
Everyday, recieving chocolate and rose

You say i gave you everything but looove
I gave you everything but looove
i gave you everything but looove

(Verse 2)
Over all material you place me above
I admit, i need you more than ever
And i submit, our life is the greatest treasure
Money is not all there is
Wipe away our differences, girl
Not that in my life
You been good too long now
Leaving me so all alone, yeah
You’ve been the backbone, in this relationship
Honey, come back home!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Over all material, you place me above (place me above)
Your a benevolent girl not a material girl
I know, my judgement was wrong
In my arms is where you belong

(Repeat Chorus)

I’m sorry, i misjudged you..