Lyrics: Warrior King – Say You Love Me

Warrior King lyrics Say You Love Me
Warrior King Say You Love Me lyrics

I love girl yuh know
You’re the number one in my world
Love you oh yeahiiii oh yeahhh

Girl you say you love me
Never go stray
Always be the front me
No matter what the time of daaaaay yeah
Girl you say you love me
Never go away
Always be the front me
Oh yeah

(Verse 1:)
Say you love me and i’m the only one
To rock you boot and give you satisfaction
No otha man coulda fit mi position
We a been together since we were young
When i was create jah created yuh for me
So much in come and baby girl on to you agree
Roses is a red but no as beautiful as ???
A man give for you love so give it on to me
Oh girl,don’t stray,i mek you comfortable
I give you everything you need
Ooh girl pleasestay right by my side
That’s the you are on to be

(Repeat Chorus:)

(Verse 2)
I’ll be there for you as long as you’ll be there for me
You give me moon light i give you solar energy
Never tell mi lies always the truth for me
Honesty is always ?
Girl you make my days,and you make my night
Girl i love you ways and i love you voice

(repeat Chorus:)

(Verse 3:)
Girl my love i give to you
All i wanna is you to be true
Even though we make mistake let’s ? time to cooperate
We need use love to overcome

Say you love me one each day
Never let the steelin infect the way

(Repeat Chorus:)
(Verse 4:)
Girl yuh’recomin from a far uuuuh yeah
You are my shining star
So don’t stay far

(Repeat Chorus:)