Lyrics: Tami Chyn – Neva Know

Tami Chyn lyrics Neva Know
Tami Chyn Neva Know lyrics

Ps ps
Hey nice girl
You pick some real marathon man to run him
everyday with you wicked

Verse 1:
Just through mi brown and mi cute and mi simple
And mi pretty smile full of pair dimple, hey
The same girl weh yuh underestimate
A mi same one you a go rate

Bet you neva know
Seh mi woulda wicked inna bed(bed)
Seh mi woulda wicked inna bed(bed)
Neva know
Seh mi would be mashin up yuh head(head)
Seh mi would be mashin up yuh head(head)
You waan see the look pon him face
When mi bubble pon mi head
Watch him all a tear up the spread
Neva know
Seh mi woulda wicked inna bed
Seh mi woulda run the same

Verse 2:
Di bwoy blendin in ponch and banana
With all roots Magnum and cassava
And a tell mi how much him a go harda
And how much mi a go bawl fi mi madda, hey
What a way, what a way
Di tables turn when mi buk him inna way
Mi boomflick and mi body start shake
A so him find out mi a gal weh nuh play
Repeat Chorus:
Verse 3:
Mi just deh deh kick back
Him a seh mi soft and a gimme big chat
Get fi find out him a big riff raff
Di bwoy pop some weh flava lip gloss (Shame)
Tic toc , tic toc
Him get whiplash  big flop, quick pop
Him neva know mi wild when mi bubble pon dat
Now him all a bawl bout mussle contract
Him did a pose big time how him ah stulla
How him a go do mi like nobody else coulda
A through him know mi as a likkle brown sugar
Neva know mi wicked in mi bed soo
Repeat Chorus:

Repeat verse 1
Repat Chorus
Repeat verse 2
Repeat Chorus