Lyrics: Spice – Right There By

Spice lyrics Right There By
Spice Right There By lyrics

Fix mi good if yuh a fix mi good nuh
Set mi good if yuh a set mi good nuh
Love mi good if yuh a love mi good nuh
Mek mi show yuh how fi handle di ride (rept.)

Set mi like a chair
An mek mi bawl an grab mi hair
Oh baby oooh right there right there
Oooh right there right there
Love it hardcore suh put me on the floor
Oooh, waan more waan more (rept.)

Verse 1:
Sea and land or even air
Where I get it I don’t care
All I know is dat I love it
When him under couple beer
Bed a bruk an sheet a tear
Mi a swing pon chandelier
Den we take it to di kitchen, bathroom, sofa an di stair
Dis yah gyal nuh have no fear
Ca mi love it from di rear
When mi want it mi jus whispa inna him ear (an seh)

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 2:
I’m di hottest when mi dress
Man a lust afta mi chest
An a run dem baby modda
Ca dem waan fedda mi nest
Think mi nice
No mi a pest
Ca mi nah sekkle fi less
When him done an think mi nice
A doggy style mi a request
Uno, dos an even tres
Hot gyal only tek di best
If yuh waan mi get mad
Jus mek mi bun a stick a cess

Repeat Chorus:

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  1. Buddy Specialist

    Bad tune