Lyrics: Popcaan – Youth Affi Born

Popcaan lyrics Youth Affi Born
Popcaan Youth Affi Born lyrics


Hear mi no DJ smirf
Some bwoy no know whe life wort
Dem have the moste gal pon hi street an don’t have no gal pon hi earth
Trait trait trait
Some bwoy fi get a youth an dem know mi a tell the truth
Dem mi she every target wa dem a shoot
Any match dem deh in a booths


Jamaica every thugs affi have dem baby mother trait
An every thugs aff love dem baby mother trait
Take care a yo youth an climb the ladder
So a nephew you fi gi yo baby brother

So youth affi born yea
Youth affi born yea
Whole heap a youth like Bob Marley
Youth affi born yea

{Verse 1}

Some bwoy a mi see dem a mi see dem
Only mark wa dem lef a the icky dem
Look like a big man guinep tree fellow them
Youth affi born all when mi do the icky dem
Smerf some bwoy bung like a pie caw get no girl an a rade every night
Nothing no nice like when you youth call yo daddy
An seh daddy take care a mommy

{Verse 2}

Man fi get youth a Miami Sweden
In a every season
No worthless bwoy wan aw go buy feeding
Any day when youth counting a gwan mi an Oniel Brian affi even
Hot Skull mi no wan bi no God father
An mi no wan bi no step father
Mi affi put youth pon the earth so that mi can be a grandfather

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}