Lyrics: Lady Saw – Age Is Just A Number

Lady Saw lyrics Age Is Just A Number
Lady Saw Age Is Just A Number lyrics


You know a being chilling for a minute
That’s right
Being Marian Hall
Such mi decide fi come back and take back momma saz place
An a bay ugly face mi see some people a gimmi
An a talk bout mi age mi age
Mi never know she age have nothing fi do wid music
A wa happen to unu
That mi a seh


Age is just a number ain’t nothing wrong wid forty two
We ain’t getting younger so what the hell is up with u
The new forty a the new twenty
Unu a gwaan like mi over a century
Unu no wan mi go down in a history fi prove wa woman can do

{Verse 1}

Unu low mi age the whole unu hop off a mi
Caw nuff young gal dem no hot like a mi
Many young boy dem a try off a mi
Dem a piz ana eye off a mi
Some a unu kill Dancehall but mi build Dancehall
Unu nil Dancehall but mi fill Dancehall
Fi mi name affi call in a DJ role call
So why my name affi end up in a broll

{Verse 2 }

Nothing no wrong wid mi voice such mi keep on talking
Mi you no like such keep on walking
Mongrel wan bit such dem keep on barking
Dem fool deh a live in a low
Mi naw shot mi mouth
Mi wan two more house
Mi wan pay mi tax
Mi naw top fly out
Bad tune drop out such bad mine tie out
Ha but da one yah dem caw buy out

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Mi never see so much bad mine
Mi never see so much grudge
In a Babandy I 3 time music was all about love
Mi never see so much screw face
Till mi she mi like mi mate
Then all of a sudden some get nervous
A mi age dem start debate

{repeat Chorus}