Lyrics: Flexxx – Look Different

Flexxx lyrics Look Different
Flexxx Look Different lyrics


Hey you zeet
Hey smerf how dem gal yah such hot
Hew wa wa
Hey hey flexxx
Deh gal deh tun up
Tun up
Shi hot till shi a bun up
Bun up
All when the sun gone in is like the sun up
Hey bad such


Look different you ever look different
Anytime you touch out you ever look different mi gal
Look different you ever look different
Some gal a try take yo style because you look different
You zeet
Look different you ever look different
Gal yo out and clean you ever look different
Mi gal look different you ever look different
No dress like certain gal cause yo dress different

{Verse 1}

Hey mi gal you pretty plus GCT
Tell a gal move are BMBC
Dem never shopping up a NYC
Such dem no know bout BCGB
Gal if a bleaching yo know that fit you
In a yo Louise-v gal you know that fit yo
An yo no carry careless baggage with you
Model fi the better landlord naw evict you

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Take the cat walk model an pose
Some gal a green grass you a pretty fresh rose
Gal you no walk an beg no gal clothe
No chain no eyelash or ring fi yo nose
Gal anything yo want you buy that buy that
To how you fly hard dem think you a pilot
Ina yo name brand a you alone soil that
Gal caw chat to you caw yo know you style hot

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}