Lyrics: Raine Seville – Showdown

Raine Seville lyrics Showdown
Raine Seville Showdown lyrics

Raine Seville
Craig my Payday
A it dis inuh, yeah
yuh ready fi it
I hope yuh ready fi it
Tonight it’s gonna be a show down in my villa
I want Mohamed Ali thriller in Manila
I know you want my milkshake to turn vanilla,
So come and slap me with your hammer like the killa
I want you tear that tear that up like a guerilla
You say you bad like Michael Jackson thrilla
Yuh see tonight I’m gonna prove who is skilla
When yuh slap me with your hammer like the killa

Verse 1
Well me don’t want no Pee Wee Herman
Tonight is not for preaching lef dat for Sunday sermon
Me waa war like US and German.
So gimmi the Taliban with the turban
So light yuh dynamite. (Boom) Big explosion
Tonight your gonna get a chemical corrosion
I hope yuh really listening to my slogan
I wanna ride yuh horse like a Trojan.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Poun fi poun mi ready fi go roun fi roun
Mi nuh waan nuh clown tell mi, how mi soun
Mi nuh sleep around suh yuh nah guh drown innu
Neva guh down inuh moaning all aroun inuh
Mi bring a crown fi yuh, look how mi roun fi yuh
Mi have di glimmity di glamity, one poun fi yuh
Work it all aroun fi yuh,
bounce it up and down fi yuh
Jus do yuh ting man
So try nuh mek mi frown inuh
Repeat Chorus