Lyrics: Junior Reid – Madonna

Junior Reid lyrics Madonna
Junior Reid Madonna lyrics

Who dem sen, tell mi who dem sen
Look what they do to Tupac ma fren
Look what they did to Tupac ma fren
Watch what yuh sign, what yuh sign
What yuh sign, what yuh sign woi
What yuh sign minus sign, sign away yuh gold mine

Say who dem sen come fi find mi
Come and hima a tell mi that Madonna waan sign mi
Search dem a search an dem jus caan find mi
Come a Bobo Hill but every Bobo look like mi

Verse 1:
Dem mek a rallybacl an yes dem come inna copter
Inna tabernacle mi a read all a chapter
Turn to the east an Babylon get conquer
Tun dem back a wid dem big war tanka
Mek a rallyback and yes dem come inna jeep
Dem never really know sey Bobo hill it so steep
When it come to love an war yes Emmanuel conquer
Man a free man, man a nuh sip whey anchor
Mi get fi find out say some a work fi di worst well
Ana tell big Rastaman how fi dress well
Who can dress like Selassie marcus an Emmanuel
The great Sheba and the yute call Ezekiel
Come wid Klash an waan mi star all dem movie
When mi check it out mi say a move dem waan move mi
Dem gimmi US dollar but I man refuse it
Mi deal wid Jah Jah work, yes a Jah Jah him choose mi

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Dem sign yuh fi a million an den dem ensure yuh
Sen yuh pon promotion an di world dem a tour yuh
Next ting yuh hear say gunshot all a bore yuh
Fans dem, an den dem nuh hear nuh more yuh
Sign yuh an den dem waan come disrespect
Waan yuh wear hair inna shave of den precept
Gi wi eye wash a say wi eye dem too red
Like dem tek man fi commercial dread
Say wi eyes too red yes fi guh pon di TV
Say dem caan afford fi all di kids dem see me
Maybe dem think say mi under mi sensi
An kids start get to smoke it plenty

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Hear it pon di radio, read it inna di Gleaner
Every record company waan sign up Junior
Tell dem say dem shoulda come little sooner
Caw dem caan get dem JR tune yah
Say dem inna hurry yes fi sign all di deal
But a di royal angel dat a prepare mi meal
Never see a Bobo pound or a rob or a steal
Rob dem at or di broom dat a keep di world clean

Verse 4:
Sellasie I Emmanuel an Marcus a guard mi
Yes wi have seven lion yes dem surround mi
Heathen a come but dem jus caan come roun mi
Dem sun mi a bun mi but dem jus caan dun mi
Babylon haffi retreat wid him jeep
Dem never really know say Bobo hill it so steep
When it come to love or war yes Emmanuel conquer
Man A free man, man a nuh ship whey anchor
Is like di record company dem waan come disrespect

Continue from Verse 2

Repeat Verse 1