Lyrics: Tommy Lee – Shelly Christmas

Tommy Lee lyrics Shelly Christmas
Tommy Lee Shelly Christmas lyrics

Shalala la la la
We wish yuh a shelly christmas
Wish you a shelly shala la la
Everybody dead when dis buss
Di worst city is not east coast
A war
Verse 1:
None of unno dont move
Face to di wall
Everybody go sleep weh everybody madda go bawl
Nobody nah get weh, I guess a just get salt
Bwoy head a mash weh
I guess a just get caught
Tommy Lee from Gaza step to di bush masta
A we buss bwoy head
Devil disaster
Which one you rather
Leave har dead
Anyway we leggo these
Anyway we leggo beast
Di K play these melodies and bwoy face tun bullet beef
Kick dem with di wallabees
Feed dem with jelly beans
Kill dem bwoy any means with craft and technologies

Ladies and gentleman
Little girls and boys
Here comes Santa’snwith grenade no toys
Through gas like cooking oil
Mek di face look like fries
No badda mek mi rise Spartan sincity and hellboy
Anyway we target
Weh we waan this a tun dark
When wi aim wid bulldog
Mek shot bite up bwoy heart
Dem a hype when it just start and a mek talk and a mek walk
Demon rise when di tunda mm dem a hide when it tun dark
{Repeat Chorus}
{Verse 2}
None of unno dont beg
Everybody go dead
Run up wid di S K spray di whole city just dead
Everybody love christmas
A bare body morgue get
Anytime dis buss
Everybody start fret

Gunshot to di bwoy mind
A bare body dem find pon di ground shot chop dem up fine
Lone capital crime weh mi step with di carabine
Everyday people a bawl
And just a call 911
Di war wi ah fight is a messy messy
that you ever seen
I promise yuh that when the smoke clear
None a yall will live
I guess it’s my fadda sin fallin on me
Last captcha
None a dem dont find
Bwoy body get KG nine
Bare ansa of crime
Hey what a be hey what a day hey what a gun time
Some bwoy deh fi just kno seh dem just cyan take a wi stripe
Anytime mek mi just tek weh di big gun with di red light
Di day a go become nite when dem find spen shell a dem feet
Dem a hide when they get bleed
Dem a hide when they get dark
A day when it tunda what a sin day
When it tun dark
Kill a transforIntro:
Shalala la la la
{Repeat Chorus}
{Repeat Verse 1}
{Repeat Chorus}
{Repeat Verse 2}
{Repeat Chorus 2X}