Lyrics: Tarrus Riley – Come ova

Tarrus Riley lyrics Come ova
Tarrus Riley Come ova lyrics

Tick tock,
I’m waiting,
for raindrops falling,
There’s a fire burning

Every minute, every second,
I’m thinking bout you girl(whoaa)
And I know it’s a blessing
that you are in ma world.
Baby, why don’t you come over
long to spend some time wid yuh
why don’t you come over,
I’ve got plans for yuh

{Verse 1}
I never met a woman like yuh,
Everything right girl, I kinda like you,
Hey be my sweetheart, and be my wife too.
Don’t lef nuh space for nobody come slight yuh
yuh waan find love, caw you lost it.
And dis yah love wi have
nobody cyaan cross it.
X amount of love, mi give her in a basket
She love di treatment, dah summen deh she endorse it

{repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Oh oh,
One day without your love,
Is like me cyaan get enough
And anytime you’re away from me,
Girl you are my live blanket,
So mi cyaan sleep.
No no mi nevah see di king without him queen yet
Anytime mi touch di road, mi and mi B step.
And from mi mek di link,
Mi nuh have no regrets.
Dem waan fi see wi sink, but …
{Chorus x2}

The clock is turning
di raindrops falling,
di love I’m needing,
di raindrops falling
I dont know wah gwaan
But and Im feelin