Lyrics: Nicky B – Tik Tock

Nicky B lyrics Tik Tock
Nicky B Tik Tock lyrics


A skibidooboom bam beng
Mi waan fi see
All of mi gal dem a wine to this
How from yuh nuh have arthritis inna hips yeah
Bubble yuh fi bubble gwaan bubble mi gal
Step out and tek center stage
Like di clock gal Tik(Tik,tik)Tok(Tok,tok)
Just wine, kotch
Slow motion dip and come up back(back, back)
Cah nuh gyal cyan more than you
Bruk out like yuh nuh have nuh behaviour
Yuh have the swag gal yuh have the flavour
A gal a try flop yuh coulda who she favour
Nuh gal cyan more dan you

{Verse 1:}

Yuh swagnificent girl yuh trendy
Inna yuh Gucci, Prada Armani Fendi
Seh supm gal cyan tan deh and chat
Cah yuh nuh falla dat
Have yuh money and nuh fraid fi spend it
Some gal a come a dance and dem lame
Cyan buy a drink, oh lord, what a shame
Tek dozen man so wild, cyan tame
And a you that’s how get ?? obey

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 2:}
Hey, yeah
Dem cyan more dan you(noo)
A nuh gyal cyan flop your show(noo)
You have house pon di hills and big car a drive
And nuh man , nuh haffi mind you
Miss independent
Gal yuh win
Have yuh owna money so yuh nuh haffi beg a ting
A regular yuh fly-y-y-y- go farrin
So yuh nuh response when time woulda fling

{Repeat Chorus:}

Verse 3:
Yuh a star yuh a cutie
Look pon yuh shape look pon yuh beauty(beauty)
So dem cyan come call up yuh name pon an artist list yuh nuh groupie
My girl yuh a cutie(cutie)
Look pon yuh shape look pon yuh beauty(woooh yeah)
So dem cyan come call up yuh name pon an artist ting yuh nuh groupie

{Repeat Chorus:}

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