Lyrics: Movado – This morning

Movado lyrics This morning
Movado This morning lyrics

Genius the cops search mi house this morning
Tell mi what them searching for
Them she a me flaws the most box a money in a house
Plus them see the bran new car
Only yo friends know yo secret
So a somebody wa me an them spar
A them know the link an a picture snap from far

An a she mi just f*ck gal an buss gun
(Buss gun)
F*ck gal an buss gun
(Buss Gun)
F*ck gal an buss gun
( buss gun)
Buss gun meck the whole place buss down

Wa mi she f*ck gal an buss gun
(Buss gun)
F*ck gal an buss gun
(Buss gun}
F*ck gal an buss gun
F*ck gal an buss gun
Whole place buss wown

{Verse 1}
Dem she mi a dan an dem wan fi si mi sink
But tuh know a trainers week as it weakest link
So dem wan fi know how mi flex, an how mi move, an how mi think.
But as dem try fi know dem marrow flash pan the Zink
Dem wi sell yuh fi a grand an the shearer dem
But man a meck dem disappear no reappear again
True mi rock the most ice an mi thing a clear again
Go tell the cops when yuh see something near again
Mi hear yuh tell dem

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Listen in a full black with a full strap
Suicidal talk so no listen two pack
So much enemies out there bay things a chat
Dem said am in Jamaica if I can leave back
Yes still gully in the Benze an a ease back
Dem run up paw mi shooter buss it till the breeze clack
The diamonds in a mi bazzle a 7 mill flat
Yuh see mi chain a Jacob build that

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}