Lyrics: I-Wayne – Touch Her Softly

I-Wayne lyrics Touch Her Softly
I-Wayne Touch Her Softly lyrics

Oh oooh oh oooh oh, oh my darlin
Oh oooh girl…

{Verse 1:}
She ready fi live up, give thanks she atrt
Nuh matta mama, papa, nor it, aunti rot
Cho! She haffi ride di big donkey cart
Love di heart of di nyah, from di heart
She’s unevil and Irie, and she smart
I seh she’s more than beautiful, and she laugh
Caan give har nuh money fi tek har clothes off
Nuh trick har wid nuh fancy talk, I Wayne

Touch her softly, she erupted shortly
She seh now, mi mek my day
She need life seeds within har ovaries
Yeah, touch her softly, she erupted shortly
She seh oh rastafar!
Di I perform so smartly, yeah

{Verse 2:}
She love life and she believe in it patiently
She said di donkey cart safer than my Bentley
Were in di chariot sippin up my sensi
Fruits, herbs, nuts I presentin
She seh fi touch har up I did it gently
She so young and green she just twenty
I be fillin har cup and neva let it be empty
Oh oh, so diligently

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 3:}
Hi Empress Sonia tell har fi keep it real and don’t be phony
Tell har to sip up like biter and like no name
Tell hartek out di mighty dildo it’s so stoney
Nuttin weh boney boney
Yuh have and di herbs to keep yuh rosey
Too much blasted tobacco mek she lose it
She just tun a bright no froze it
Bun deliquent bun Josey

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus until end}