Lyrics: I-Wayne – Nah Draw Nil

I-wayne lyrics Nah Draw Nil
I wayne Nah Draw Nil lyrics

Oh I (Oh I) Oh I!
Oh she so clean and so pure, ahhhhhhhh!

{Verse 1:}
Let Empress a set I food fah di natty or clothes full a bag
Love I fi I so she nah watch dat
Might have a nuff a eatin nor a pocket full a cash
I survive, oh I’m proud of dat
A good Empress nuh belly lickin
Nah sell I out inna pork nah nuh chicken
Tek har to di far end, nuh fishin
Love dem need, inna di kitchen she seh listen

Nah draw nil, she will be loved and still
Nah draw nil, I even pray that she will
Nah draw nil, keep love and life still, ah oh oh oh
Nah draw nil, even prayin that she will

{Verse 2:}
Life is I purpose to the good I will
And di pagan be still like foundation I build
Dem pollute up di flag I tek di Empress to di hill
Where she’s far from corruption, injection and kill
Some a fertile young plant and kill
And bless har wid love and now di cup has been filled
She seh betta to preserve than to kill
Less blood spill, more kill kill, still dem life filled

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 3:}
For I live ever lastin flag
So to hurt yuh will neva (?)
I love all, heights and yard
Havin yuh is all I need more than one
Girl I pray fah oh so more
And even nuff to feed our child
Seh pon nuh corna she nah oblige
She nuh idle, life she haffi tek care of such and such

{Repeat Chorus:}