Lyrics: I-Wayne – More life

I-Wayne lyrics More life
I-Wayne More life lyrics

Lightnin, earthquake and thunder
Yay yay yay yay yay yay, yay yay yay yay yay!

{Verse 1:}
Life is here within, true love is all I bring
Now di dutty water children sip from di spring
Like wave Iyah swim, like message Iyah fling
Dem caan draw I out like nuh puppet pon a string
Yuh dutty livin, cho! get a lightnin
In this giddeon war I neva lose Iyah fi win
Warrior nuh shave nah trim
Tell di black woman she nah fi bleach har skin, hotta!!!

More life, more joy, and prosperity (More Prosperity)
Tell dem life, ain’t no toy, di purety I live it in
Life goes on and on, on and on and on
Life a gwaan before di pagan born
Life goes on and on, on and on and on
All dem a many to plant their corn, yeah

{Verse 2:}
Some love di bloody city housin scheme
Full a inequity and kind dem too mean
Neva ride and drop off rasta hice red and green
Dem shouldn’t diss di Empress weh bright up light scene
I give dem honey babylon yuh give dem cream
Dat simply mean now yuh get burned by di steam
Yuh run gone fi gun and tun on siren
Darw heights di heights fi pure heart and clean
Lau di dutty water just go sip from di stream
Haile Selassie nuh dream Empress Diamond

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 3:}
Give thanks bloodstream has no end
Life is di heights nuh mislead life children
Bun all enemy bun out all friend
Nuh plastic smile and nuff a dem a heathen
Borrow fi lend nuh mek sense some mix fi blend
Tell dem di truth and hear some natty fi defend
Hail I Selassie place (?)
Empress Inen hail I again and again, oh

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus until end