Lyrics: Elephant Man – All out

Elephant Man lyrics All out
Elephant Man All out lyrics

Yep! Good to go! (Dat’s true) Buckle
Yeah, yeah, we get di gal dem, yeah, yeah, fi di gal dem, ah, ah, we get di gal dem
Yep, good to go

Man a go all out,
Wuk gal mek dem bawl out,
Bedroom bathroom all bout
Wuk gal mek dem bawl out
All di setta and di false hair fall out
When mi smoke di weed all out
Inna di bedroom, bathroom all bout
Wuk gal mek dem bawl out
To all di cess, a, yep!

{Verse 1:}
Mi nah fi go a gym becau di gal dem seh mi nice
Mi nuh fat like Danny English dem look how mi muscle tight
Fi get a piece di gal dem need di sacrifice
Dem seh dem love mi lips becau deh work good wid mi voice
Mi uku bit likkle bit solve a problem wid mi size
Acquit this three inch you will believe mi when mi rise
Cau when indeed a gi mi a mi first galaxy prize
When mi dun wid har she look just like a house look vandalized

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 2:}
Some bwoy dem seh a genuine but dem a anti christ
Carry mi name go tell mi wife waan mash up mi love life
Mi kick yuh like a soccer ball mi roll yuh like a dice
Nuh sorry yah nuh Ele Mr. cry and yuh try
My yute mi tell yuh once oonu betta tell yuh twice
Cau when mi waan fi back around dat ting it nah go nice
(A somethin mek yuh a go hear!) Mi nah go hear mi voice
All seh gal a sure we tell dem dat mi colda than ice

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 3:}
Gal yuh a generate mi like a blanket
Ready fi explode like a shotgun mi crank it
Spank it, feel good a bed cau mi rank it
Jamaican have di remedy body to mek mi stamp it
Ummm, what a perfect combination, oooh, Elephant ready fi go mek one
Oooh, all bout deh pon di dyvon, mi a gi har it all night long

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus till end}

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