Lyrics: Daville – Missing you

Daville lyrics Missing you
Daville Missing you lyrics

How I miss you baby
Really wish you were here with me

{Verse 1}
When you called me
On the telephone early this morning
I was feeling down
Feeling alone
But me heard your voice
I just couldn’t hold back the feelings
It was like a melody to my soul

How I wish you were here with me now
How I wish I could be with you so now

Cause baby I’m missing you right now
Baby I’m needing you right
Yee-eess, I’m missing you right now
And how I wish you were around me
Because I wouldn’t be feeling
This way right now

{Verse 2}
So close
But yet so far away
I sit stearing at the pictures
Of you all day
My arms are open wide
Can’t wait to hold you
But I’m gonna have to wait
One more day

{Repeat Hook}

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}
Because you’re not with me
Inside I’m so empty
I need your love to lift me up
Take me much higher than the mountains
Don’t wanna be lonely
So hurry on baby
Cause I need to see you noooowww…
ohh baby

{Repeat Chorus}

Oh baby
I’m missing you
I’m needing you
Now and forever
I’m gonna be here
Waiting on you
I’m missing you baby
I’m needing you now baby
I’m missing you
I’m missing you
Missing you