Lyrics: Chino – Naw Follow Dem

Chino lyrics Naw Follow Dem
Chino Naw Follow Dem lyrics

(The-the-the Genius)
Tell dem, faada God a my don
Me guide an’ me right hand
So when dem come a mek up dem noise an’ try get fiesty an’ bright. We tell dem
Me nuh follow man me nuh follow idol
Nuh tek press from no one inna di island
No frighten fi tings me dem cyaa hype pon
Not even Twitter mi nuh follow some guy pon

We nuh practise weh dem preach
We naaw go switch fi reach weh dem reach
We, naaw tun nuh leech fi get rich
So dem can mek dem speech dat a di least
Caw we naaw follow dem, sey wi naaw follow dem( wah wi nah do), wi naaw follow dem(a mi seh wi naaw do) so wi naaw follow dem(Chino)
When dem a chat tell dem fi talk up
We nuh smile wid nuh hypocrite no laugh up
Never give in we never get caught up
So when dem a step to we, we naaw cut an
we naaw follow dem, sey wi naaw follow dem(Bigship!) naaw follow dem, naaw follow dem

{Verse 1:}
Listen me keenly
Me naaw do weh some a do fi try rich
Me rather crush di road like a Irish
Naaw do weh dem do when dem lock up inna private
Some a dem a do certain tings an a hide it
But me nuh punk an me nuh fool an me nuh childish
Me nuh tek nuh styling not even from me stylist
So when dem see di link an a try style dis
Tell dem if dem try diss a high risk watch dis


{Verse 2:}
Next ting
Me nuh monkey weh follow fashin
Set me swag an me see nuff a dem go swagger jackin,
Still yuh naa go ever live fi see di swagger dropping,
Me go London an me go Paris an Milan go shopping,
Any man sell you out just memba God a watch him,
Mek it worst me nuh trust him so I gotta watch him,
Last man follow crowd end up six foot deep inna coffin now di tears from him madda wash him, so
{Rept Chorus}
{Rept Intro}
{Rept. Chorus}


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