Lyrics: Chino – In The Streets

Chino lyrics In The Streets
Chino In The Streets lyrics

You Know Seh Mi Nuh Like Wah A Gwaan
Mi Fi Tell You
Jah Know
Place A Run Away Star
A Wah Gwaan

{Verse 1:}
Is Like
Few Man Gone Di Area
And Ova Thirthy A Dead Accountin
And By Time A June Drop Wid A Double Nah Gun Round Ting
People Blood A Splash Inna Di Streets
Just Like A Fun Ting
Weh Hear Man Selektah Buss Dem 45 A Nuh Nuh Sound Ting
A Nuh Gal Alone When Dem Hear
A Man Talk Bout Dem A Par With Dem Brownin
Innocent Pass And Shoot Out A Gwaan
Inna Dem Own Blood Dem Drowning
Bare Hungry Belly Growing Inna Di Street Dem Roming
Fish And Bread Nyam And Mamma Mourning

In The Streets
In The Streets
Whole A Heap Shot A Beat
Everyday Man A Dead
Mamma Beg Mama Weep
In The Streets
In The Streets
Whole A Heap Shot A Beat
Everyday Man A Dead
Watch You Head

{Verse 2:}
Well Di Youths Dem Nah Tek No Talk
Everyday Man A Touch Road Wid Dem Tall Up
See And Blind Your Hand Dem Certain Name Yuh Nuh Fi Call Up
You Haffi Watch Yuh Head Back Or You Get One When You Nah Look
A Nuh Like Dem Mi Real Waan Fi DweetBut Some Man Dem Get Caught Up
Wonder If A Weh Dem A Drink A Get Dem Brain So Charge Up
Dem Need Fi Read A Couple Chapta From Di Broad Book
Cah When You Go Fi Mash Your Works Mi Mad Mi ?? Look
Is Like Dem Inna Years Fi Know Dem A ??

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 3:}
Well Man Haffi Tekweh One A Way From Mr. Wah Name Mi Notice
Is A Trend Dem Pick Up From Di Odda Day
Di Place Tun Inna Shooting Rain
So Where Di Kids Dem Gonna Play
Fadda God Guide And Protect Mi So Mi See Anodda Day
How Man Fi Survive When It Hard Fi Get A Job Man Have No Pay
Weh Man Have Six Pickney Fi Feed
And Anodda On The Way
Nah Go Mek Mi Kids Dem Suffa Neva Gone Wrong A Way
Lord Inna Di Streets A Run Away Cause