Lyrics: Black Ryno – Hate Wi

Black Ryno lyrics Hate Wi
Black Ryno Hate Wi lyrics

Everyting wi do dem a fight wi
Through mi seh gaza dem nuh like wi
Gaza mi sey now(eh eh)
Yeahhhh yeaaaay, ahhhhhhh

(Tell ’em)
Hate we
if you want hate wi
Rate wi
If you want rate wi
Wi dont give a damn lately
Who hate wi from who rate wi
Cause Selassie I a guide wi
And god a bless di hands a rise wi yeah
every step  wi step mi feel di powers of Selassie a beside wi
cause a guide deh daily and nightly
By the hands of the almighty yeah
Every step wi step
Feel di powers of Selassie
Yeahh ahhhhhhh

{Verse 1}
From gaza run out dem a plan
All of a sudden dem a banna bagga a song
Souljah bwoy a send mi up inna van
Bout mi follow a gang mi nuh follow back a man
Jah Jah neva fail mi yet
All when mi ?? inna di valley of death
Mi Neva yet sweat mi nuh fret
So when dem a walk and a scandal and a lies dem a mek
Dem a talk ,mi ignore
Dem nuh know whenmi poor
pagan come a gwaan like a dem buss man
But mi nuh fi seh Gaza nuh more
Adidjha Palma a mi opened di door
Addi a mi daddy weh send mi pon tour
See it deh, Gaza mi seh

{repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Cah waan my life over
Why dem waan mi fi die
Lift my head up high
And call pon Selassie I
Hard work is the power, the limit is the sky
Lift my head up high
And call pon Selassie I
{Repeat Chorus}