Lyrics: Vybz Kartel – Get Yuh Owner Lighter

Vybz Kartel lyrics Get Yuh Owner Lighter
Vybz Kartel Get Yuh Owner Lighter lyrics

{Verse 1}
Jah Know she the party nice
Mi friend beg mi a light
Ad this is what mi just say

No bother beg mi no light yuh fi have yo owner lighter
Party hot mi love deh vibes yah
Street vybz a get mi hyper
Bleaching cream a get mi brighter

Mi wan brace up in a the night yah
Gal come wheelie pond eh bike yah
Put up yuh foot beside deh kite yah
Yuh no smell like dash weh baby diaper
No man no touch mi nether
Wah mount a hand mi think a spider
Hey pretty girl yuh want a soda
Sorry mi never know yuh deh wid tiara

Money money pull up selector
A no my gal she commo-esta
Wah yuh want mi fi go a medarest fa when a bay pretty gal deh pon di gaza

To how mi feel right now mi high like cloud with mi face white out
Bada dan hot grabber dash weh pan mi cranium
Rum just a done mi need a stadium
Party sell off wi no affi pay down
Such mi turn off the clock no want fi ease up

{Verse 2}
Jesus Christ fatty gone pon the sound box
Cross mi finger hope shi don’t drop
Shi get idle ask the house top gal bubble no till forever don’t stop

High-grade a run mi nose hot trees like these wi bun the whole Plock
Two gal a whine paw mi mi phone drop
But the vibes caw cut it naw go grow back

Rose gold mi score that send fi the rum mi want fi pure that
Little cranberry yeh not a whole lot
Some a sip stout some a sip oh yap

Si the key deh mi have it lock
Want piece a blem so mi pull a cris pack
Turrent a girls a wine to this track mi see hard rock sound wid mi brother Chris rock

{Repeat Chorus}

Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}

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