Lyrics: Sizzla – Jah Knows Best

Sizzla lyrics Jah Knows Best
Sizzla Jah Knows Best lyrics

Musical thing called love
Most High Jah Rastafari!
Guide & protect each and every one of I and I

Jah knows best
Jah knows best
Little children you blessed
People you blessed
People you blessed
Do as you should, go and try
Jah will bless you, give you the bly
Confident yourself, don’t deny
All things are possible because of King Selassie

{Verse 1}
I share my food with the poor, and you knowwhy
I want to see them go to school for sure, Yes I!
Simple life, so be dignified
Spit in the sky, it’s gonna fall in your eye
Love Jah you live, if you hate Jah you go die


{Verse 2}

Live and love, it is so significant
Speak of matters up to the point of relevance
Rastafari in your good deliverance
Before you kill your brother why won’t you turn
And don’t be so ignorant
Rastafari got this whole wide world in his arms

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

All these blessings, Jah is the one to send it
Give you brother a shoulder, make money so we spend it
Can be controversial, still we comprehend it
Love life, we livin it neverendin
Don’t fight, so catch no blemish
Don’t be like those heathens
‘Cause Jah won’t defend it
Repatriate to Mama Africa
The west shall perish

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 4}
All the righteousness has God
He make in his likeness, the conquering lion
Virtuous, courageous, hail Mount Zion!
He comes to lead us, to the Motherland
Wash you hands so your heart must be clean
Come and help me float red, gold, & green
With all gratitude, we’ve got the attitude
To stand and lead these human beings

{Repeat Chorus}