Lyrics: Sizzla – It’s Burning

Sizzla lyrics It’s Burning
Sizzla It’s Burning lyrics

Di sun ball, inna di sky
And mi caan stop from shine
Fire fire, fire, blazing, fire

It’s burnin so high and they can’t put it out
Don’t be ashamed don’t be shy to sing and shout
This is love it’s your life
I ain’t no blasted joke
Ummm hmmm reach for the sky
You’ll make it I know

{Verse 1:}
All that the people keep searchin
For the truth because, wrong doing is hurtin
Di babylonian system just not workin
Teach us love that’s di first ting
Hmmm, break hey di sunshine today
Hey, ay, what you gotta say
You can stay day there’s no time to play
Don’t you go in my way

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 2:}

The earth to hate pon it’s axis
And it can’t stop from burn
What’s this pickney a school can’t stop learn
Bwoy ask di fadda why he caan stop burn
Work hard, for what you want yuh caan stop earn
Wuy, hotta fire Rastaman a dash it
Hey Babylonian, mi seh fi watch it
Wuy, play di music dem just caan stop it
Dancehall ova there oh yes get added
Hear it pon di radio we all a beat it inna di traffic
Yo music repartuation a mi topic, add it

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Verse 3:}

This fire, it burn out their heat and soul yeah
My desire is to see Rastafari in full control
Keep yuh warm and it’s cold so yuh look and behold
Life is worth more than gold

{Repeat Chorus:}

{Repeat Verse 1}