Lyrics: Konshens – Push Fi Start

Konshens lyrics Push fi start
Konshens Push fi start lyrics

Wi no fraid a no body some bwoy have lion face and kitty heart
None a dem no bad dem a push button push fi start
Dem a no gorilla kind mi seet she the only thing dem a killa time
Dem have the heart of a kitty cat
Action fig wan and them a lippy lippy chitty chat
Mi head cool don’t get it hot
If dem get it hot wi a go make the whole city hot

{Verse 1}
Mobay no take bad up and dising thing
Bwoy dis a one knock like chi chi ching
Wi head a fry like chicken wing
Any john crow fly eagle rise and clip him wing
Wi no itch wi no buck shuffle
When the southiest dem knock every door open
Fool talk the most when the place crowd up but real gangster no loud up

{repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Dem a bad man picture shot a show
Never yet mash a ant never yet step pon a toe
Dem have words and san a throw
Wi no throw words no mix-up like raga show
Open bwoy rolling calf
Wi no fraid mi affi laugh
Ugly face telephone cut cross
Memba she scarface dead in a the lost

{Repeat Chorus}