Lyrics: Konshens – Need A Wife

Konshens lyrics Need A Wife
Konshens Need A Wife lyrics

Baby baby baby baby (baby yeah)
Yeah this is so (this is so)
Unlike mi (yeah)
But I’m gonna open my mouth
And let di words from my heart come out (uhm uhm)

Mi tired of di groupie life
Rite now mi need a wife, mi need mi wife
God know mi need a wife, yeah
The way mi livin it nuh feel so right
Mi madda seh mi son yuh need a wife
Mi need mi wife, so baby can you be my wife
Seh yeah

{Verse 1}
I’ve been through all type of girls God kno
Mi go through every crevis and corner
Got a few things but I never catch di big one
Thanks to di grace of di fadda
The factory fi di good girls dem lock dung
But yuh sleep through di window deh (yeah)
So mi nuh hav nuh time fi linga, mi waan put a ring pon da finger deh
Uuuh yeah

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Mi hav mi likkle son and mi hav mi likkle daughta
And wey a seh that I’m a pretty good fadda
Although the money nah flow like wata
Mi still a do mi savin and show mi likkle partner yeah
House a build up and car a buy
Fly go anyweh mi waan fi fly
And mi respect tall outta street
One ting fi mek mi life complete yeah

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}
Mi a gyallis from mi lil bit
Whole heap a gal mi hav a road and di whola dem kno haffi live with it
Some a dem cyan see with it
Whole heap heart mi mek jump outta chest and mi get fi mi broke too suh
Mi know how love guh
And from a born I never love another gyal suh
Gimme di tuxedo with di tie and di vest mammy
And u put on yuh white dress mammy

{Repeat Chorus}