Lyrics: Twin Of Twins – Christmas a come (Ninjaman Diss)

Twin of Twins lyrics Christmas a come (Ninjaman Diss)
Twin of Twins Christmas a come (Ninjaman Diss) lyrics

Now heare this
A heare them seh the youths them no fi diss veteran
But what happen to when veteran diss youth
Hey veteran memba a you start the dispute
And we no response how you feel when we talk this truth
Any way we understand still
That a just ninja man still
Hey frass

Christmas a come e no tell mi how ni know
Santa clause wan do the end of year show
January to November coke money slow
When we say john crow win am you don’t look out fi joe

Christmas a come e no tell me how mi seet
Ninjaman a meck talk threatened wid the beep
Mi we done mi bank book now pay him fi dweet
No we him wan put back gold pan him teeth

{Verse 1}
True you shoot taxi man and you scared two passenger
Why this junky a try style the twin jah
You know seh him no bad him only ugly like sin jah
You know seh yah weady a ward a give me one ping sah
She him have something fi tell mi bout ninja
Him she a three year now him deh a jail a teck finger
Never lost ma way
You no listen to the ginger take ele advice try don’t linger
Dan gagon you a dream from you promis man kicko
Strain in you hell boy freeze nor sticko
Seh we dead a sting well that easy fi live up
But a which part Kartel kick you till yo sh-t up

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Him buss from Jim Brown a go primary school
And still no have a ping you no see seh that a fool
Him look like the sinting trick you like a fool
Sensible people love wi we no matter fool
Thevoly people call we theris god them affi like wi livit
Watch it meck mi style the fool with charisma and agility
Describe Ninjaman to the best of my ability
Now heare this La Lewis with street credibility
Buss wid capleton songs wa you theft
We no fraid a no body wid the mark of the beast
Seh you bad like the devil and we she that a the least
Because we sick like Jamaican police

{Repeat Chorus}