Lyrics: Lady Saw – Heels on

Lady Saw lyrics Heels on
Lady Saw Heels on lyrics

Come and meet me at my front door tonight tonight
Make me take you on a love tour tonight tonight
Let us tear up this dam floor tonight tonight
I wanna give it to you hardcore tonight tonight

Let me fu*k you with my heels on yea
Let me ride on your ding dong
I be waiting on you so long take me to the swing song
Lets fu*k to a slow song
I got a lot of things to show you yea
Am gonna fu*k you like I hoed you
Let me put this pu**y on you
Pu**y control you mi glad seh mi know you

{Verse 1}
I got my legs open so wide
I wanna feel u deep inside
Babe you know I got mad pride
But meck mi c**k it up and you a bum right
I can see you got a hard on
Wait a minute let me turned up my face song
You know you got a whild one and the pu**y wa me have it full a function

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Sexiness a dweet paw mi red socking sheet
Leopard print underwear we no carry no seats
Stand firm ina mi pu**y you c*ck no fi weak mi shave off mi frunt so it neat
With mi heels in a you pocket come beat the pu**y bad
Mi hear seh you a c*ckiest come give me what you had
Mi no affi practice cause am so bad
In a mi nine inch teleto am looking so fat

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}
Mi body stick a life ina mi heels when mi drive stick
Chip ina mi hand pan highway 95
Put you hand you see valves name over drive
Slippery well wet so no slide
Swet a run cause am working out
Come baby come walk wid me round the house
A long time you a run off you mouth
Show me what you talking about

{Repeat Chorus}


  1. love this song absolutely hardcore.

  2. Absolutely brilliant love the song and lyrics you a genius girl. X