Lyrics: Black Ryno – Bare Gyal

Black Ryno lyrics Bare Gyal
Black Ryno Bare Gyal lyrics


Marcus a Ryno
Gal anywhere you hide me a search and find you

Mi baby mother a curst mi
A tell mi seh she will never ever trust me
Shi tell mi mi horrible mi tour able and it come like seh mi back ever thirsty

Cause shi seh mi have bare gal
Gal…. gal
Hot gal….. Gal Gal
Mi love black gal
Marcus the brown skin mi love the browning
Hear that gal….gal…
Skinny gal…….gal
Gimmi gal…….gal
Hey mi bline gal every where mi find gal

{Verse 1}
Hey listen to this mi no have limit
From a gal a quint the muscle mi gone wid it
Galis a no something wah you get up and turn
Is a special talent you afto born wid it
Nuff gal mi have mi naw lie
Any bwoy caw get a gal fi go buy
If crissy tell mi shi pack up and gone mi a look another gal mi know naw cry

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Hey black gal Brown gal Slim gal Fatty
Ball head real hair plat up r natty
A tongue meck a sign seh shi want piece
And a cripple gal wan take a bite like patty
Mi famous like salt fish ina the Ackee
Cause every gal seh them wan piece a the jockey
Mi put on a spike like seh mi a do tracks
And run down old foot Marlene Hotty

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}