Lyrics: Assassin – Straight

Assassin lyrics Straight
Assassin Straight lyrics

{Verse 1}
Yuh si when wi touch di road
Wi inna brands, stright!
A nuh normal ting, italian, straight!
An a bare top shotta inna di gang, striahgt!
And memba dis,
Wi nuh miss cah wi hand, straight!
Weed mek wi concen-trate!
Dem a ficht it, suh bun babylon, straight!
Ghetto yute waan house and land, straight!
Caah, to make money a di plan, straight!

Suh, straight!
Wi nuh par wid bait
Badman nuh bwoy caan drape
Wha wi seh, straight!
Wi nuh participate
Inna nutten pon di r kelly tape
Wi nuh rate
Gangsta wi rate
Weh nuh tun fool when dem si station gate
And a…
Gunshot fi who, waan player hate
Or box di food outta wi plate

{Verse 2}
Gyal dem we want inna wi bed, straight!
Any man nuh waan di gyal dem fi dead, straight!
If yuh look, yuh a link wid did fedz, straight!
Suh when yuh pass di base, hol yuh head, straight!
Cause copper wi a fyah, a nuh lead, straight!
By all means wi defend wi bread, straight!
Spragga! big up a ras and bun a dread, straight!
Cause a gold and green and red, straight!

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}
Shot caller a we set di trend, straight!
Big baller, a we wear di 10, straight!
Japanese dem a defend di yen, straight!
Weh yuh seh british, a pound wi a spend, straigt!
Yard man! woman wi a defend, straight!
Suh from a hot gyal gi wi dem, straight!
Unda gyal, a c**ky wi a send, straight!
Peanut wid di oats wi a blend, straight!

{Repeat Chorus}