Lyrics: Assassin – Idiot Thing

Assassin lyrics Idiot Thing
Assassin Idiot Thing lyrics

Yo! Check check (Diat, ting dat!)
A murda! (A Murda!) a we seh (Ting dat)
Hear mi now, yo Delano! (Ting dat!)
Well it’s anodda one (Anodda one) Alright! Yo!

Eediat, eediat, eediat, diat, eediat ting dat!
Eediat, eediat, diat, we nuh inna dat, eediat ting dat!
Eediat, diat, diat, diat, diat, eediat ting dat!
Eediat, eediat, diat, we nuh inna eediat ting dat!

{Verse 1}
Man a dress up inna name brand suit nah mine him yute
(A eediat ting dat!)
A gal pickney a walk bare foot and she inna name brand boot (A eediat ting dat!)
Nuff man a dish mama dirt an a put dem gal fuss, yo
(A eediat ting dat!)
A buy gal Lexus mama a fi walk and a tek bus, no star!!!
(Eediat ting dat!)

{Repeat Chorus}

[Verse 2}
Well di system design fi di poor man don’t stand a chance, and
(A eediat ting dat!)
Hey! As di clock strike one fifty nine dem a lock off di dance
(A eediat ting dat!)
Ghetto yute deh ah jail and dem caan get bail!
(Eediat ting dat!)
Mek it worst it only fi yuh likkle spliff tail
(Eediat ting dat!)

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}
Fi send all yute a school mama haffi spend every cent wha she have and (A Eediat ting dat!)
Mama yute lef School qualify, but still caan get a job, yo
(A eediat ting dat!)
Twelve year old yute a prowl wid M16
(Eediat ting dat!)
Big grey tone man a look likkle girl weh a fifteen
(No sah, Eediat ting dat!)

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 4}
Crab inna barrel draw dung one anodda, none caan go a top
(A eediat ting dat!)
Nuff wha you tink would a glad say yuh mek it, dem waan see yuh flop (A eediat ting dat!)
Voice yuh tune, DJ hear it and gone counteract
(Eediat ting dat!)
Nuff a dem a smile inna yuh face and as you tun round stab inna yuh back, yo (A eediat ting dat!)

{Repeat Chorus}

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