Lyrics: Assassin – No Boring Gal

Assassin lyrics No Boring Gal
Assassin No Boring Gal lyrics

Gal inna di place wid dem hand fold like dem a guard it
Ah wha dis, how dem so boring, a hear mi nuh! baseline
Mi seh

Boring gal nuh waan nuh boring gal
Boring gal nuh waan nuh boring
Mi seh! boring gal nuh waan nuh boring gal
Cho! boring gal yow! gimme a mixture

A dutty wine you can do dat, all if a go-go wine you can do dat
Tic-toc wine pon time you can do dat, and ah fi mi waistline
You can, a wha dem mention headtop you can do dat balance pon neck
Back you can do dat, split and all get flat you can do dat
When dem mention boring now ah couldn’t you dat

Cah you nuh boring gal you nuh boring gal
Boring! nuh you nuh boring mi seh boring gal
Nuh you nuh boring gal cah mi wi tek it pon
Di ceiling and di floorin gal cho!
Boring gal nuh boring gal ’bout you want nuh old
Skettel or nuh whoring gal, boring gal
Nuh you ah nuh boring gal, ah hold on deh hear wha
Again nuh suh wha

Gal inna bed and dem nuh know nuh style, seize up like di
Waistline want oil, and then she a wonder how she nah get nuh
Call, how she fi get di call and she nuh mek di man smile
If ah you, you ah bubble like water a boil, tek it pon di carpet
Tek it pon di tile, love how you flexible, love how you agile
Ah you me a tackle mi say girls gone

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Repeat Chorus]]
[Repeat Verse 2]

[Repeat Chorus]