Lyrics: Assassin – Money

Assassin lyrics Money
Assassin Money lyrics

Well a money mek the world go round
Keep the globe turning like a merry go round
Yes everything in life takes money
So we wah nuff pack up like Bill Gates money

Everybody wah mek some money
Or get some money
Or tek some money from someweh
Wah grab some money
Or rob some money
Cause everybody just wah have some money
Or earn some money
Staat up a business, turn some money
Eitha you a borrow or lend some money
Cause everybody just wah spend some money
Defend some money

[Verse 1]
Well we a grow up with dat have nuh money
Our long plan affi get more money
But gangsta nah go spend too blow money
Collect some dime and save through money
How from long time we a hunt money
From me a youth me save mi lunch money
Now we a bag up pon pile money
Cah we waan money nuff like oil money
Yo we a hustle we a hustle money
So no gal cyaan tek mine like how Kim
Tek Russell money (you mad)
Mi nah play out nuh all mi money
Fi run mi daughta holly money
Cah we trust mi nah trust money
People mek mi tell you bout di wus money
Money weh you lost
Or money weh you cyaan get back
Money like cash plus money

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Haffi do a ting fi bring in some money
Try buy lotto a win some money, ey
Mi wish mi coulda mean some money
Stay home whole day
And print some money yes
Cah we waan di deep money
Like some? money
Mek gal get weed money
Mek anytime when she see it she want me money
Mek mi tell bout star money
How a buy money nuff dan car money
And if you waan fi talk bout war money
We have nuff ak and arsenal money
Well yuh see Boardhouse and Big Ship money
And no keep inna wallet or clip money
Or di briefcase or suitcase
Or nuffa dem nah grip money

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
Dem say a music a mek all di money
Cah dem send lenky keep all di money
Buss when dem seh Bob Marley money
Through dem and di rain falling money
Yo meh mi tell you bout tall money
Some really Shaggy and Sean Paul Money
Mi nah talk bout no small money
Yes big up Vivi and di football money
Di man dem weh a spend food youths likkle lee bit money
Dem same man a smoke poor people money
Cah granny haffi giv di government money
Poor granny cyaan even find rent money
Plus she haffi all find get outta jail money
Har grandson bail money
Cah we nuh lend neva
Have no leave me alone with a likkle spliff tail money

[repeat Chorus 2X]