Lyrics: Assassin – Money Machine

Assassin lyrics Money Machine
Assassin Money Machine lyrics

Heeeeey yow what’s up, it’s the snow man
Listen up, a just bought your ears yow Assassin
Check check check no bounce check
It’s the A.T.M so everything correct
[SADIKI] Yow we gonna spend some money Assassin let’s do this

Hear mi now
Mi say we have whole heep a U.S. and we have whole heep a pound
When we count them up a so it sound
Nuff euro we collect when we go around
When we count them up a so it sound
C. I. and nuff Canadian deh inna we accounts
When we count them up a so it sound
Acres fi we and no frown
Full the money pool and mek dem drown

[Verse 1] Assassin]
Just, buy a bike, buy a car
Money nuff when we and Sadiki a par
Girlfriend u no affi worry when u rolling with a star
T-Pain buy u a drink, we buy out di bar
Mi buy a shop, buy a couple store
Buy a house then go buy a couple more
A no bounce check ting we money sure
We buy di whole a Portmore
Money maker, whole heep a paper
Buy a riddim from Daseca
Want a piece a land, we buy some acre
F**k it buy Jamaica

But don’t call me a baker cause I gotta lot a doe
Yow when dem si our money flow
Dem think a inna our yard di money tree grow

[repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2 Sadiki]
Heeeeey a let you know man
I gotta a lot a doe man
Ha ha hooo
Dem a talk bout let it rain, I’m the snow man

Well a Sadiki a di snow man a no joke man
A true we money nuff dem think say we a dope man
But a music we a push so we just a do more song
A present di island from Negril to Portland
From we do to make money we did have di doe plan
From dem time mi mek mi first couple thousand
Mi money nuff like water full up inna di ocean
Mi bank book use to mawga now it fat like Rosanne
You know it full a money tru designer clothes and
Tru we have whole heep a jewels and ma wrist be froze and
So big all di people who a collect those grands
Money inna u pocket u fi shub up those hands

[Repeat Chorus]