Lyrics: Queen Ifrica – Serve And Protect

Queen Ifrica lyrics Serve And Protect
Queen Ifrica Serve And Protect lyrics

(Nobody move, weh mi seh)
(Nobody move, guh pon di ground bwoy)
We cyaan take it no more
Duh officer nuh kill him, nuh kill him
(hey gyal guh inna yuh yawd, yuh nuh see police)
We need somebody fi defend the poor
Badman, police, everybody a kick down we door
We jus have a concern yuh nuh

Government and police
Civilian and police
Taxi man and police
Everyone and police a war
Who make it reach so far?
Is a while now I nuh spot a squaddy inna lawn a par

Police haffi run from police
What is this pon police
We nuh know but the thing bizarre
Right now the force needs CPR
It look like deh wound deh a guh leave a scar

{Verse 1}
Officer you cyaan throw gas inna fire
Cause the people ago bawl and go fi the tyre
Make the church haffi kneel and go inna prayer
When the people a rebel and a seh dem a suffer
A criminal elements alone nuh love the law
So why a the majority a call you murderer
Mi think we need fi hurry up and solve deh puzzle yah
Remember our duty is to first uphold the law

{Verse 2}
No matter how it ruff, you haffi think before yuh draw
When the people them nuh with you then the criminal applaud
So nuh kick off mi door when you come inna mi yawd
Me know the thing ruff, me know it tough, me know it hard
We know seh dem yah youths dem nuh have nuh discipline
But police brutality is just a better sin
I really hope you listening
Something wrong? cause everybody bawling

{Repeat Chorus}

{Vesre 3}
You went into the force,
Nuh so, to protect and serve
Yuh mother never with it so it mash up her nerves
But you seh you nah go lef it? cause you have a concern
? Bout the youth dem weh a buss it and somehow dem nah learn
You ruff up everybody no respect you nah earn
Extreme tolerance a fi that we all learn

{Verse 4}
The people from the gully side, the Gaza strip, the lanes and the tavern
Woulda love fi see the day when every gun burn
Police get back a baton and the poor pocket fatten
Then you wouldn? t haffi worry? bout crime
Cause, the shotta dem a pree the dollar sign
So make up uh nuh mind? cause we looking around
And we see nuff youth trying
A nuh kill fi kill, help in a perilous time, a chill fi chill
So find the will and no dis
A nuh jus rhyme move the veil from your eye
Cause somebody obviously blind

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Verse 2}

{Repeat Chorus}